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What is Shopify Pay?

You can use Shopify Pay to speed up checking out from participating Shopify stores. Shopify Pay uses your email address to recognize you at checkout and automatically fill in your payment and shipping information.

If you opt in to Shopify Pay, then Shopify saves the following securely encrypted information for your future purchases:

  • shipping address

  • billing address

  • credit card details

Only one credit card can be saved to Shopify Pay at a time. If you need to use a different credit card at checkout, then you can still check out without using Shopify Pay by checking out as a guest.

Learn more about the Shopify Pay Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you’re a Shopify seller, learn how to enable Shopify Pay for your store from the Shopify Help Center.


You can opt in to Shopify Pay when checking out from a participating Shopify store. When you opt in to Shopify Pay, you need to provide the following information:

  • your email address

  • your mobile phone number (used for SMS verification)

  • your billing, shipping, and credit card information

  • your credit card information for a valid credit card, including the CVV

Opt in to Shopify Pay

When checking out from a participating Shopify store, select Save my information for a faster checkout, and then enter the required information. After completing the order, you’ll see a notification on the order status page that confirms your information was saved with Shopify Pay.

You can also opt in to Shopify Pay from the order status page. However, the option to use Shopify Pay appears for only 1 hour after the order is placed in a participating store.

Verify your account with SMS

After you opt in to Shopify Pay, you might need to verify your account with SMS before you check out. SMS verification is required for the following order types:

  • You’re checking out using the same device for the first time after opting in.

  • You’re checking out from any participating store with a new device or new browser.

A verification code is sent by SMS to the phone number that you saved during opt in. If you can’t verify your account, then you can still complete checkout without using Shopify Pay.

Check out by using Shopify Pay

After you’ve verified your device and browser, you see the Shopify Pay button on product pages or in your cart for participating stores. Click the Shopify Pay button to check out using your saved information. You can review your order before it’s placed.

Add a discount code or gift card at checkout

You can add a discount code and apply it to your order when using Shopify Pay. During checkout, click Add a discount code or gift card and then enter the code.

Review or edit your saved information

When checking out with Shopify Pay, you can review your saved information and edit it if necessary. If everything is accurate, then click Pay now to complete checkout with Shopify Pay.

Change the shipping method at checkout

When you’re checking out with Shopify Pay, you see the default shipping method first. This is either the least expensive shipping rate or another preferred shipping rate selected by the seller. You can change to another available shipping method for the order.

During checkout, click the dropdown menu next to the default shipping rate to view available options, and then select the option that best suits your needs.

Add or edit your shipping address at checkout

When checking out with Shopify Pay, the default shipping address shown at checkout is the shipping address you added when opting in to Shopify Pay. You can select another saved shipping address or add a new shipping address for the order.

During checkout, click the arrow beside Ship to, and then select another address or click Add new address and fill out the address information. You can save up to 5 shipping addresses with Shopify Pay.

When you add a new shipping address, you need to verify your account using SMS. Click Authorize purchase to send the SMS verification code to your phone number. Enter the verification code in the popup to complete the order.

Opt out of Shopify Pay

You can opt out and delete all of your saved information from the Shopify Pay opt out page.

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